What They Don't Want You To Know About The Church of Scientology®

Clams, clams and more clams

Notice the "®" 1

Or, "What They Don't Want You To Know About The Church of Scientology"®

More is coming one of these days. Really. Be patient.

In the meantime, take a look at a list of things to keep in mind updated July 11, 2003, when reading newsgroups like alt.religion.scientology. You might also want to obtain a printable copy of the same document, in case that's easier to work with. (European and Australian readers will appreciate the A4 paper version of the document.) You will begin to see exactly why they can be so dangerous. Compare that to their home page, 2 which can be difficult to look at, with its garish graphics and otherwise inaccessible layout.

Also, I have some leaflets available in Acrobat form which you may want to send to Kinko's or some other service bureau so you can have things to hand out to passers-by while picketing. These were made some time ago, but there's so little to change in these.

Web ring?

There was a web ring here, but its owner deleted the ring. I'll see what's going on for a new one.


1 It's their registered trademark. We have to respect that. As long as we are not engaged in commerce with a similar service, we are safe. I think. IANAL.

2 If you visited any of the Scientology sites, you may have noticed that there are no links to any critics' pages, but critics' pages have no problem with such links into the Scientology sites. Critics seem to feel comfortable about letting the person read both sites and make their decision. The Church of Scientology is uncomfortable with the concept and only wants you to know what they are trying to tell you. Insure you gather enough information about the organization before deciding to enter it.

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