Fall Foliage In Western New York --- 2001

These pictures are presented in chronological order.

Sumac with red leaves This is the first of the ones up. For some reason, the sumacs turned red early and are shedding; usually they are one of the last to lose leaves sometime in early November.

Another look at the sumac I stood on about the opposite side of the tree for this one. I think I twitched while taking the picture. I twitched worse on the one I took before this one.

View of foliage to the east of the house This is a view from the front door. Colors like this are typical as the leaves change. This was taken in the late afternoon so the sun could illuminate the leaves just right.

View of foliage to the northeast of the house Looking more towards the northeast from the front door gives us this view.

View from the north of the house facing west Reversing the sun's direction gives us this view in the morning. Here we are looking mostly at maple trees with a few ash and oak mixed in.

View looking south Not much happening here on the fifth of October.

View looking north Here the maples look good against the staid utility pole forlornly out of place.

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