Gleepy's Long Hair

This show how long my hair can get under ideal circumstances. My mother was somewhat upset the day the pictures were taken, so by doing the photography, I tried to make her feel a little better.

Other than letting my hair dry naturally after washing, no other chemicals were used upon the hair other than shampoo and conditioner. Go figure.

First view of my back This is one pose that I made. I've always had that longer point of hair over the past 11-12 years or so of having long hair, though. That part gets to just below the beltline, which is longer than it has been in a few years

Second view of my back I moved to a different position and stepped back from a deck railing a bit. The sun's angle strikes the hair a little differently.

Third view of my back This final picture was taken near a trellis background, in the search of a close to ideal background for being able to perform a separation mask later.

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