The Three Cats

These are our three, or more likely, 2.5 cats. The Salem cat is still a little leery of being too close to humans.

Salem sitting The new Salem kitty sits and squints. One can just make out some tabby stripes in his tail.

Salem walking Salem is walking along, hoping to find either his Tieu playmate or some food from those humans. Humans, to Salem, are really only good for feeding kitties.

Felix gets a bit jealous Felix says, "Don't eat my food!" Felix still likes the low-cost dry cat food purchased to help tame the emaciated Salem kitty.

All the cats together near the golf cart Felix lays down in the cool grass as he watches the Tieu kitty follow the Salem around, hoping to get to play and tussle with his "brother." Salem, however, has other things on his mind, like hoping I won't be following him around too much.

Salem settles down as the other cats watch Salem sat down as the Tieu thinks about following. Felix just watches, as usual.

Tieu is grooming Why Tieu picked this moment to groom himself isn't clear. Salem decided to look over at me for a while.

Salem stares at something This picture is the prime example of why you can't herd cats. Each one does his own thing. Tieu continues to groom a leg, Salem stares off into the distance at some hummingbirds at a nearby feeder, and Felix just stares and contemplates his old age as the younger kitties have an easier time of moving about.

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