Meet Tieu, the fluffy longhair kitty

Tieu wandered into our lives in early May, 1999 as a scraggly, emaciated stray pleading to be fed and loved. He was fed and soon was allowed into the house after the incumbent cat Felix was convinced he was not going to be ignored by his humans.

A few weeks after his arrival, I managed to get these pictures of him engaging in his favorite activity, hovering near the feeding area hoping for more food to magically appear.

Tieu stares at the camera This pose is close to the one he used when we first met him staring at us, pleading to be fed and loved. As usual, he is hoping that food appears soon. He doesn't realize why I'm holding a funny box and not making fast moves with the spoon and can of cat food.

Tieu stares up higher Tieu saw me moving closer to the food dishes. Judging by his stare, he can't figure out why he's not being fed. This is from a cat which is not afraid of staring right at folks. Notice that the tip of his tail is still a bit devoid of fur. He was that way for a few weeks since he wandered in until he could settle down and properly groom himself.

Tieu settles in place a bit Well, Tieu figures that it will take me a while to figure out what he wants because I'm one of those useless humans with opposable thumbs. So Tieu will settle in a bit by laying down and waiting for me to put the camera down.

Tieu rests on the carpet Tieu must have eaten by this point, as he is away from the food dish and staring at his humans, getting underfoot and anything else he can do.

Tieu's Fluffy Face He has such a nice face.

Tieu brushed to be fluffy This is our first experience with a longhair kitty, so it's nice to be able to do things like this to him.

Another pose of the fluffy Tieu He moved a bit for this picture.

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