Tieu And Salem Tussle

This is what happens when I let Tieu play with the semi-stray Salem kitty, who just might be a littermate of Tieu. Given Salem's semi-feral state, this is about the best I'm going to do when it comes to getting them to tussle and have it recorded to JPEG.

Tieu and Salem get ready to tussle It tends to be difficult to catch the cats in mid-tussle, as Salem still frightens easily, but here it looks like the Tieu wants to start in and play. Salem just doesn't know what I'm going to do.

Tieu must have knocked Salem over The two must have taken a break as they have both flopped over for some rest. Salem still gives me a leery eye as he is absolutely determined to believe that I will eat him.

Salem runs off Salem must either have had enough or I got too close and he bolted. Usually this is the signal for the Tieu kitty to start chasing down the Salem for more play.

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