Felix Gets Vacuumed!

Who would have ever heard of a cat getting vacuumed! Well, here's one who likes it and purrs throughout.

Vacuumed #1 Just stick that vaccuming nozzle on his fur and it makes him feel good...

Vacuumed #2 Vacuuming tails is a good way to get all the dander out of them. Try finding a young kitten who will sit still through such treatment. It might not be doable.

Vacuumed #3 He relaxes even more and starts to purr. You can't always hear him with the motor running, but he can be felt purring.

Vacuumed #4 Don't forget to clean under his chin. He doesn't mind.

Vacuumed #5 He gets more playful as the cleaner itches his skin more and more...

Vacuumed #6 until he finally tires of it and lets you know that.

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