Where Gleepy Lived

[map of my location] In the past, people have asked me exactly where I live. This was in the days when I was actually out in the country like you see in the pictures. Thanks to American taxpayer dollars, I can use mapping technology to show folks exactly where Gleepy made it happen. The first thing one notices is that this location is not truly close to any major city. Most Americans should be familiar with the shape of New York and Pennsylvania to get an idea of scale.
[detail map of my location] As one can tell, many services urban people can take for granted are not available. There is an appreciable distance to the nearest village of East Randolph. It is just less than two miles by car from the end of the driveway to the center of the village of East Randolph.

At this time, all of the property "should" indeed has coverage when using a digital cell phone. Thanks to Verizon Wireless having updated their technology, it is possible that wireless Internet services are available there. It is a convenient time, for sure.

Despite access to cellular services, there is no cable TV outside of any village limits. That means no cable internet access. Until better DSL devices are made, there will be no ADSL internet access here either. Line-of-sight problems with trees prevents easy satellite access for either the TV or internet access, which also explains why there has been no interest in TV.

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