Debunking the Moon Hoax Using POV-Ray

Curtis R. Anderson

April 8, 2007
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There are a large number of web sites both claiming that no man ever landed on the moon and that man indeed has. Some evidence brought by the first group can be easily disproven by using the popular raytracing program POV-Ray.

This is a work in progress. I add to this as I find time. In the meantime, things may seem disjointed as I get the components organized. The date above will indicate when this was last updated.

List of Figures
1 A Simple View
2 Adding a Shadow View
3 Replicating Ian Goddard’s Models
 3.1 Rocks On the Mound
A POV-Ray Usage Specifics
 A.1 Sun Placement
 A.2 Area Light Computations
 A.3 The Final Result