3 Replicating Ian Goddard’s Models

Ian Goddard has a web site[1] which excellently demonstrates how there was no moon hoax. I will replicate two concepts with POV-Ray in this section.

3.1 Rocks On the Mound

Figure 5 shows the original NASA photograph taken on an Apollo mission showing how the shadows diverge.

Photo credit: NASA

Figure 5: Apollo Photo of Rocks On the Mound

Moon hoax advocates use the diverging shadows from the lander and the mound as “proof” that the moon landing was faked on a soundstage as the light source was too close to be done elsewhere.

Reproduction of this photograph involves getting the light source properly positioned with respect to the lander and the rocks. Figure 6 shows how we will reproduce the effect.


Figure 6: POV-Ray Rendering Of Rocks On the Mound

From the air, figure 7 shows the same view, with shadows from all the objects pointing in the right direction.


Figure 7: POV-Ray Rendering Of Rocks On the Mound From the Air

A movie showing the view from figure 7 to figure 6 can be downloaded as moundm.mpg. The intent of the movie is to show that the lines start out parallel, but due to the slopes on the mound, the light source appears to be closer.