1 Thursday, October 12, 2006

There were signs that something was happening before the heavier snowfall. I managed to see things I wouldn’t have becauses buses were running late that day on account of weather.

1.1 University Station

The pictures I have here were taken on my way home from work that night. Figures 1 shows what I saw after I walked behind the bus I took to University Station of Metro Rail. Figure 2 shows another view as I turned after the bus pulled forward.


Figure 1: One University Station View


Figure 2: Another University Station View

1.2 Amherst Street Station

I took the subway to the Amherst Street Station of Metro Rail as I had missed my regular bus home. I was able to see things such as in figure 3 at Amherst Street and Parker Avenue.


Figure 3: Amherst Street and Parker Avenue View

Figure 4 is another view looking at the north side of the Amherst Street station toward Amherst Street.


Figure 4: Amherst Street view

Figure 5 is another view of Amherst and Parker. Some snow is visible in the picture.


Figure 5: Another Amherst Street and Parker Avenue View

Figure 6 is a view of Parker Avenue, Main Street and Fillmore Avenue. My bus is approaching.


Figure 6: Parker Avenue view with approaching bus