The Storm of 2006

Curtis R. Anderson

August 19, 2007
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Starting on Friday, 13 October 2006, a heavy storm started to hit around the Buffalo area. The document is intended to show pictures of the damage around north Buffalo.

Many pictures were taken with the crude camera in a cell phone, but most were taken with a better digital camera.

This work in progress is largely complete at this time. I still may add to this as I find time. In the meantime, things may seem disjointed as I get the components organized. The date above will indicate when this was last updated.

List of Figures
1 Thursday, October 12, 2006
 1.1 University Station
 1.2 Amherst Street Station
2 Friday, October 13, 2006
 2.1 From the House
 2.2 The Neighbors
 2.3 Taunton Place, the Street
 2.4 Clouds And the Weather
 2.5 Trees Down
 2.6 Why I Had No Power as of Thursday Night
3 A Little Later In the Afternoon
 3.1 More Neighbors’ Damage
 3.2 Now Re-Venturing Into the Street
 3.3 Creative Cooling Solutions
4 On Generator Power
5 Venturing Out On Saturday Night
 5.1 Along Cunard Road
 5.2 Further Along Cunard Road
 5.3 Branches Down On North Park Academy
 5.4 After North Park Academy
A Six Months Later
 A.1 Utility Lines Finally Restored