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Here I am!

What Gleepy looks like

And an earlier picture of me. Just so you know, Gleepy is holding Felix, not the other way around!!!

What Gleepy and Felix look like

The Felix kitty you see in the picture above was put to sleep on Friday, 6 June 2003 at about 10:30 p.m. EDT. He will be missed, as I remember how he liked to be vacuumed. Many people I know will miss the kitty.

Those Obligatory Links

What's a web page without hypertext? That's the whole point of what is called Hypertext Markup Language. Here goes.

My Links

Here We Go Again

I came up with a fairly simple Perl script to generate HTML-4.0 compliant pages from pseudocode to help me concentrate on the content of each page. The script is still being developed; as a result, it is not yet ready to be released.

With that Perl script in mind, the emphasis in these web pages is on content rather than flashy graphics. 4 This makes it easier on those with visual disabilities.

I try 5 to keep an emphasis on content and not on using graphics to communicate. Your bandwith is too valuable to be wasted on needing the graphics to communicate the information.

And then there are those folks who force you to read microscopic type. Just because some youngster has good eyes doesn't mean the older users do. Now try setting your screen at 1024 × 768 and reading characters at what the web designer calls "10 point". 6 There are too many variations in how browsers render type sizes anyway. I have noticed extreme differences in different installations of Internet Explorer, as well as what Netscape does. I still have to see how Mozilla is going to do with rendering type sizes.


1 David Touretsky of DeCSS Gallery fame once suggested that Gleepy was an eighth dwarf that didn't survive the cut for Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on account of being gay. I can assure you that it's not the case.

2 Unfortunately, this does not preclude the use of GIF files residing on other servers which I have no control over. Also, there are some applications I use which produce uncompressed GIFs. Those do not infringe on Unisys' now-expired patent.

3 There were something like 1.4 million posts to alt.usenet.kooks on the news server I use. That number tends to grow quite rapidly.

4 Or graphics using Flash, for that matter.

5 "Try" is really the operative word here. Nevertheless, the graphics still exist. Their job is to supplement the text. Try loading this page without graphics and see how much more or less this page communicates. If you have access to a text-only browser like Lynx, try it and see how much of a difference in information you see.

6 So why are all my footnotes in microscopic type? Oh, yeah, they're footnotes! Look in a book some time and see how Real Graphic Designers prepare footnotes.

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