Chapter 5
Help! Even Newer Uses for Dead Volkers!

I was hoping to finally put this to rest, but nearly ten years later, even a few more uses come up. Still, no repeated uses from [23] or [3] or even the ones in chapter 1 show up in here.

5.1 Yahoo! More Uses Found!

What had happened was I blamed one David Weinstein for continuing work on this document.1 I had a message posted, reproduced in figure 5.1.2

Subject: [blamedave] Being reminded of Volkers is Dave’s fault  
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 13:31:56 -0400  
From: Curtis R Anderson <>  
It’s all Dave’s fault I have to be reminded of Rich’s obsession of the  
horrendous Volker-Craig terminals.  
See what I have at  
Now, do I expand some of the descriptions slightly to keep my LaTeX skills  
sharp, or do I find another dead horse to beat/windmill to tilt at? Do I  
blame Dave for all of this?  
It’s Dave’s fault I lost my text messaging on my cell phone. All Verizon  
Wireless users in Buffalo ought to be blaming Dave, too.  
Curtis R. Anderson, Co-creator of "Gleepy the Hen", displaced resident         ICQ: 50137888

Figure 5.1: Talking About Dead Volkers

Donald Ptak, the person who came up with the uses for dead Volkers and school lunches found in [817101122] came up with a few more.3 Don came up with items 1 and 2. Item 3 is mine.

  1. Antenna base4
  2. Short wave radio housing
  3. Dummy load for amateur radio transmitter testing

5.2 Other Random Ruminations

Even after what was thought up in §5.1, I still came up with at least one more.

  1. Materials hopper for injection molding machines5