4 On Generator Power

The landlord decided to fire up a generator he had sitting in his shed for some time. It would have been started sooner but there were problems with travel to those places which had gasoline which could be pumped.

Once the generator was set up, an extension cable was strung to our refrigerators and his freezer. Our refrigerator was plugged in as shown in figure 46.


Figure 46: Running the Refrigerator On Generator Power

For me, having Internet access is vital as it is a way to get information not otherwise available on the phone, radio or television (if we had one!), so figure 47 shows how I set up the router. And no, I will not advertise for those businesses on the phone book, so I smudged them with a Gaussian blur.


Figure 47: Running the DSL Router On Generator Power

The laptops we have use the same power adaptor, so with one of those selectively connected to the power cable as seen in figure 48, we were able to keep a laptop charged and talking to the Internet with a wireless LAN card.4


Figure 48: Running the Laptops On Generator Power

My laptop gets run with a setup like what is seen in figure 49. There is a short black cable coming from the laptop’s USB port. That setup charges the cell phone.


Figure 49: My Laptop In Use

The power cables for everything were sent outside through windows to the generator behind the house. Figure 50 shows just the power cables going along the driveway to the back of the house where the generator was kept.


Figure 50: Power Cables Coming From the Generator