Appendix C
Help! New Detailed Explanations for Dead Volkers

This appendix lists more detailed explanations for Dead Volkers from chapter 5 that would have otherwise cluttered up the footnotes.

C.1 Antenna Base

When one thinks about it, a Volker should be sturdy enough to hold the antenna still, even in strong wind gusts.1 Figure C.1 shows how such a base may be constructed.


Not drawn to any realistic scale.

Figure C.1: Antenna Base Using a Dead Volker

C.2 Materials Hopper

Since I have worked in an injection mold plastics factory, I realized that a dead Volker could be used as a hopper above the injector screw feed. This hopper holds the plastic which will be melted and pushed through the mold at high pressures.

As the dead Volker has a CRT opening, it could be used as an extra large viewport to see at a glance how much material is in the hopper. If the CRT heater is left in the case, it might be able to help dry the material by heating it.

A diagram is available at figure C.2.


Various hoses and wires are missing.
Also not drawn to any realistic scale.

Figure C.2: Volker Used As Materials Hopper In Injection Molding